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Who we are & What we do, in a nutshell

B ased in Barcelona but with a genuine glocal mindset, Factual is a foresight boutique innovation consultancy specialized in all things mobility. We liaise with stakeholders at local level, public and private, and support them in understanding and effectively adapting to a complex, interconnected, dynamic mobility ecosystem. At the same time, we work for global customers and enjoy boosting innovation by contributing our expertise and commitment to international, cross-industry consortia pursuing research and innovation under public-funded projects.

We keep a keen eye into the big picture and so we follow global trends (re)shaping future mobility, from ACES, the smart combination of Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared features transforming the automotive industry for the better, to disruptive, new mobility paradigms, such as Mobility as a Service, redefining how mobility is consumed from a brave new customer-centric perspective, setting a playing board where cities, public transit operators, automotive companies, big tech firms and burgeoning startups interact.

We bring a team of seasoned professionals with an extensive track record in the mobility sector; on a per-project basis, Factual also builds on an extensive international network of highly skilled and experienced engineers, independent consultants, entrepreneurs and researchers who bring in their background and knowledge, adapting to our customers’ requirements with a more flexible, sharp, and focused approach than more traditional consultancies. We deliver expertise, vision and commitment to fulfilling our customers’ expectations and always steer towards exceeding them: meeting a customer’s goal is not a finish line for Factual; we’re already planning for the next frontier, identifying a new revenue stream, working to leverage an unmet opportunity.

There are two rules for success:

1 – Never tell everything you know

Roger H. Lincoln

Good things come to those who initiate.

Susan RoAne

Our focus is mobility

We strive to deliver excellence in the following areas of work


We delve into trends shaping future mobility and provide market insight, impact analysis and strategic advice


We deliver impact through collaborative innovation in EC-funded projects


We conceptualise and develop disruptive mobility products & services on our mission to change the future of mobility


We scout, coach and accelerate mobility startups, provide investment advice, and develop go to market strategies


We bring in industry leaders into tailor-made courses to give you timely updates to remain competitive


We ideate & produce hackathons & ideathons; we make public & private stakeholders come together in innovation workshops & sectorial clusters


We design communication strategies, generate expert content and organize events

Meet our talented team

Teleportation is our goal. In the meanwhile, we help our customers steer their mobility projects to success

JOSEP LABORDACEO & Managing Partner
MARTÍ JOFREManaging Partner
MARC FIGULSManaging Partner
VICTOR MOYANOSenior Consultant Mobility
CAROLA VEGAConsultant Mobility
EGLANTINA DANIConsultant Mobility
HARILAOS VASILIADISInnovation Projects Expert
LAURA TRABADOAdministrative Officer
LUCAS PUERTABlockchain Consultant

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